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Children and Chiropractic

People take their kids to the Chiropractor!?

Many patients see the value in having their children’s spines checked at an early age. Right from birth a Chiropractor can detect abnormalities that may otherwise go undiagnosed for years.

What types of conditions do children go to the Chiropractor for?

The most common type of visit I get for children in the office is what I like to call a “Well Baby/Child Check-up”; which quite literally is to check and make sure everything is developing as it should! As the proverb says; "as the twig is bent, so grows the tree".

Abnormal curvature in the spine, a scoliosis, may be a treatable condition in some cases; negating the need for surgery or the use of a brace.

Other conditions that are often treated effectively using Chiropractic are common childhood problems like recurrent ear infections, infantile colic, ADHD, bed-wetting, headaches, migraines, and many more.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment is largely dependent on the age and condition of the child. The condition may require changes in regular routine at home, to encourage proper motion and strength for the spine; and in older children some easy stretching and strengthening exercises.

In the office we will work to improve the function of the spine using spinal adjustments. We use gentle techniques to encourage change in the structure and function of the spine; often using a light touch/stretch or a light adjustment.

We do our best to make it fun for the children in the office with ways of interacting and treating them while doing things like playing basketball, or jumping on the bench! Children enjoy themselves and we do the necessary work to improve their spinal health.

How long do they take to improve?

Each patient is different!

However, on average children seem to react much quicker to treatment than adults; and improvement is seen quickly when appropriate.