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Corporate Wellness

Are You Interested in Improving the Health and Wellness of Your Employees?

At Burlington Aligned Chiropractic we offer Health and Safety talks to local companies looking to educate their employees. What we have found is that the information we have to share is mutually beneficial to both the employees and the employers.

Employers typically benefit from Increased Productivity, Reduced WSIB Claims and Decreased Absenteeism. Uncomplicated low back pain is one of the top reasons for employee absenteeism.

Employees typically benefit from education on how to Prevent Injuries in the workplace, and ways to prevent problems in the future by improving their health today.

So What Happens at a Health and Safety Talk?

Usually the talk is scheduled for 30 minutes either before or during regular working hours. During the talk many aspects of health will be touched on; with special emphasis on prevention of common injuries in the work place.

Employees will be given exercises and techniques which they can implement immediately.

Hand outs regarding topics covered will be distributed as well as some interesting research related to the talk.

A question and answer period will follow; as well as a computerised postural screening to show areas of added stress and possible ‘wear and tear’ on the spine.

How Do We Get Involved?

Call us directly at (905) 319-2444