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TMJ Pain and Chiropractic

How do Chiropractors help with TMJ problems?

Many patients have no idea that we are able to help with problems associated with the jaw! Like all joints in the body; the TMJ has a normal motion that is pain free. We work to correct the changes in jaw function and promote a healthy alignment of the jaw, head and neck.

Most commonly patients complain of pain, numbness, ringing in the ears or clicking on opening and closing the mouth. Any or all of these could be a sign that the TMJ is involved.

Wouldn’t a Dentist work with TMJ problems more than a Chiropractor?

We often work in conjunction with dentists to promote a healthy alignment of the jaw. They specialize in the promotion of healthy alignment of the teeth and the use of intra-oral devices in some cases.

How does treatment for TMJ disorders differ with a Chiropractor?

We work to promote the proper function of the head, neck and jaw. Much of the work we use is in regards to changing poor posture in the upper neck. In a study by the American dental Association* (ADA) they found that TMJ issues responded very well to postural training.

When the posture is improved and the muscles involved in moving the jaw are balanced and the motion of the joint is improved; many problems associated with the jaw disappear!

Is there anything I need to do to help?

We recommend certain behaviour changes and encourage the use of some devices in order to help speed up recovery times. Typically the more committed to care a patient is; the better our results!

*Wright, E et al. Usefulness of Posture Training for Patients. Journal of the American Dental Association 2000; 131, 202-210.