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Dr Matthew Lindsay DC

​I began my Chiropractic lifestyle at the age of 19 while studying at Brock University. As a student in Community Health at Brock University I had a vested interest in many different fields of study for post grad. Upon looking further into each possible field of study I realised that Chiropractic fit best with my personal values. I did not rely on medications to keep me healthy, I believed that diet and exercise are a huge part of our wellbeing and no other profession talked about allowing the body to fully express its innate ability to heal. I was fascinated and started working toward gaining the pre-requisites for studying at a Chiropractic College after my first visit to a Chiropractor.
I'm an active member of the Burlington, ON community.  I am born and raised in Burlington; and reside here with my wife, Lauren, and our dog, Lily.  I work to make our community a healthier one by lecturing at different businesses and groups to teach them how to be in the best health possible. 

Professionally, I take a special interest in treating children and pregnant women, although the practice is by no means limited to these groups. We work closely with other professionals (Dentists, Physios, Naturopaths, MD's, Osteopaths, Midwives, and more) in Burlington, ON and enjoy great working relationships with them.
In my free time I enjoy being active. I am an avid hockey player and golfer; as well as regular exercise like the gym and exploring our beautiful Burlington landscape.
New Patient bookings can be made by calling us 905-319-2444 or booking online.