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Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Do Chiropractors work with Pregnant women?

Not all Chiropractors work with Pregnant women; many do, but check with them prior to starting treatment. I personally enjoy working with Mothers-to-be, and helping them through a wonderful change in their lives.

Is it safe for the baby?

Special attention is taken to always protect the baby and is a safe way of helping mom through the physical changes involved with pregnancy. There are many benefits for the baby when things are working correctly.

What is the goal of Chiropractic care during Pregnancy?

There are many different reasons why women chose to visit a Chiropractor during their pregnancy. The changes that occur throughout the trimesters present different challenges. Weight gain and the different forces acting upon the body can cause some women to experience much discomfort or pain. Working with women to improve their posture and reduce pressure on different regions of the spine often will reduce or eliminate the aches and pains of pregnancy. Chiropractors have many ways of assessing and improving poor posture.

Many women seek out Chiropractic care during their pregnancy in order to work towards an easier delivery. One of the main goals in this scenario is to improve upon pelvic function and improve foetal position in the womb.

Do Chiropractors turn breech babies?

Chiropractors do not physically turn breech position babies. We work with breech positioning by assessing and working towards alleviating stresses on the uterus using the Webster Technique. It is a gentle technique designed to allow the baby to turn naturally. The earlier the detection of the breech the better, but we can always try to help promote proper foetal positioning right up to delivery.

Do I need to be referred to see a Chiropractor?

As primary care practitioners you do not require a referral to see a Chiropractor in Canada. I work closely with professionals in the area; such as midwives, to ensure proper care is carried through where needed.

When should you start to see a Chiropractor during pregnancy?

There is no time limit to starting with a Chiropractor during your pregnancy. Whether you are in you first or 39th week there are things we can do to help.